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You can win on the spot.


Maximum 1st prize winnings $10,000

You can play immediately after purchase.
If you scrape and win, you will get up to $10,000.
Only 1st and 2nd place winners available! There is a high probability that you will win one of them!

1Unit : $3

You can win on the spot.


Maximum 1st prize winnings $10,000

You can play immediately after purchase.
If you scrape and win, you will get up to $10,000.
Winners of 1st to 5th prize! Minimum winning amount is $25!

1Unit : $5

What is CALOTTO?

CALOTTO is an online lottery service from Nepal that allows you to buy with your smartphone and receive your winnings with your smartphone. Seven Eyes Ent. Company, the operator of CALOTTO, has obtained an official national license in Nepal to provide lotto and scratch lottery services throughout Asia.

CALOTTO can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

No matter where you are in the world, you can purchase lotteries and scratchers.
Your winnings are guaranteed by an external foundation, so you will safely receive your winnings.

CALOTTO offers a wide variety of lottery tickets for purchase

CALOTTO offers industry's first online scratch-off where you can check your winnings on the spot, plus you can purchase lotteries where you choose your favorite numbers and wait for the winning date.
(Currently, two types of scratch-offs are being held during the campaign period)
Depending on your preference, you can purchase lotteries or scratch lots with different draw dates in real time.
In the future, we plan to increase the number of lotteries we handle even further.

amazing rate of return!

The return rate for regular lotteries is about 30-50%. Among them, CALOTTO offers an amazing return rate of over 70%. The amount and number of winning tickets are also incomparable to regular lotteries.

The winning rate is 10 times that of regular lotteries!

All lotteries handled by CALOTTO have high odds of winning! With the industry's first online scratch-off, you can check your winnings on the spot!

Completed with a smartphone

With CALOTTO, everything from purchasing to receiving your winnings is done online!
You can play for only the betting fee, with no registration fees or other costs.
You can dream of becoming a millionaire at home!


Safe and secure

CALOTTO is officially licensed by the Nepalese government, and has undergone a rigorous audit check to guarantee the payment of winning money, so you can play safely and securely.

The Easy Way to Billionaire
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You can buy your dreams right now with your phone
Tow ways to buy

Credit card

You can buy CALOTTO with your regular credit card!


CALOTTO also accepts cryptocurrency!

Winner's Voice

Winner's voice

Nickname: Nikko

I have always purchased scratch lottery tickets as a hobby. I love the feeling of shaving the scratch off the lottery ticket, looking forward to the result with excitement. A friend introduced me to CALOTTO as an easy way to buy lottery tickets online, and when I bought one, I didn't expect to win! I couldn't believe it! I shouted. I couldn't believe it and checked my purchase history again, but I certainly won. I had been dreaming of winning for a long time, but here I finally got the dream.

Nickname: Nana

I don't normally buy scratch lottery tickets, but I bought two tickets with a light heart because of the first bonus gift. When I tried to scratch the first one, drew a blank. It's not that easy to win, is it? But when I scratched the second one, I didn't expect to win! The moment I scratched it off, I was in a state of shock. I thought it might be a mistake, but my account balance had increased.

Nickname: Dai

I am a lottery fan and used to buy lottery tickets regularly. When I found out about this lottery on Instagram, I bought two tickets to try the online scratch-off myself, and one of them won. I was surprised because I didn't really expect to win. Everything is a challenge, right!